Project competitions awards

2013 First prize  Residencia Cohousing. 100 usuarios. Antequera. Málaga.
2011 First prize  Research and Innovative Surgery Center FCRB. Zona Franca. Barcelona.
2011 First prize  Spanish Hospital in Malabo. Binnational Commitee. Guinea Ecuatorial.
2010 Finalist  Alcañiz Hospital. Teruel. 
2010 First prize  High Resolution Center. Torremolinos Hospital. Málaga.
2010 3rd prize  Health Center. Jerez. Cádiz.
2010 First prize 061 Headquarters . Palma. Mallorca.
2010 First prize  Care Complex, Residential and Congress Building. Arnau Hospital. Lleida.
2010 First prize.  New High Resolution Center at the Marítime Hospital. Torremolinos. 
2009 First prize  Health Center in Son Servera. Ibiza.
2009 First prize  Ernest Lluch Hospital. Cerdanyola-Ripollet-Montcada i Reixac. Barcelona.
2009 First prize  Renovation of the Vic Hospital Surgery and Emergencies Area. Vic. Barcelona.
2009 2nd prize  Health Center in Andrax. Mallorca.
2009 2nd prize  Health Center in Muro. Mallorca.
2009 2nd prize Health Center in Gavá. Barcelona.
2009 Finalist  Health Center in Sa Pobla. Mallorca.
2009 2nd prize  Social and Sanitary Center Casablanca. Tarragona.
2009 First prize  Integrated Center for Mutual Assistance in Prado de la Vega, Oviedo.
2009 First prize.  Primary School. Almería.
2008 First prize  Health Center in Calldetenes. Osona. Barcelona. 
2008 First prize  Health Center in Yebes. Guadalajara. 
2008 2nd prize  Zamora Regional Hospital . SACYL de Castilla y León.
2008 3rd prize  Cuenca ospital. 
2008 Finalist  Can Misses Hospital. Ibiza.
2008 Shortlisted. New Concert Hall in Málaga. With Henning Larsen T architects.
2008 First prize.  First prize. Project Competition. Rehabilitation of the Ancient Charity Hospital. Coín. 
2008 Accesit Project competition. University of Psychology. Málaga. 
2007 Finalist Project competition. 92 housing units for EMVS. Vicálvaro. Madrid
2007 First prize Project competition. 13 social housing units in Soria. Now in design phase.
2007 Accesit Project competition. Salamanca National Architecture Museum. 
2006 First prize  External Care Wing and Laboratories. Vic General Hospital, HGVIC. Vic. Barcelona.
2006 First prize.  Project Competition. Giner de los Ríos Cultural Center. Nerja.
2006 Finalist 100 social housing units in La Garena. Alcala de Henares
2005 First prize  Basic Health Center in Es Castell. Menorca.
2005 First prize  La Seu d’Urgell Hospital Renovation. Lérida.
2005 2nd prize  Mar Menor Hospital. Murcia.
2005 First prize.  Project Competition. Secondary School. Málaga.
2005 First prize.  Project Competition. Health Center in Nerja. Servicio Andaluz de Salud.
2004 First prize  Health Center in La Puebla de Montalbán. Toledo. 
2004 First prize  U.C.I. Vic General Hospital .HGVIC. Vic. Barcelona.
2004 First prize.  Project Competition. Health Center in Álora. Servicio Andaluz de Salud
2003 First prize  Health Center in Casas Ibáñez. Albacete. 
2003 First prize  Health Center in Canyadó de Badalona. Barcelona. 
2003 First prize.  Project Competition. Youth Institute Headquarters. Málaga. 
2002 First prize  Especiality Center for Diagnosis and Treatment, Illescas. Toledo. 
2001 First prize  Baix Penedés Hospital, El Vendrell. Tarragona.
2001 Finalist Renovation of the Lanzarote Hospital. Cabildo Insular de Lanzarote.
1999 Second prize.  Project Competition. Local Police New Headquarters. Almería.
1998 Finalist. Project Competition. Institute of Enviromental Research. Doñana. 
1998 First prize.  Project Competition. Ten Council Houses. Málaga. C.O.P.T.
1997 Second prize.  Project Competition. Rehabilitation of the Bishop House. Málaga.
1993 Selected.  Vélez Port Headquarters and Facilities. Public Ports Corporation.
1992 First prize.  Project Competition. for the arrangement of urban facades. Málaga.
1990 Selected Public Facilities at Cuervo Beach. Municipal Urban Office. Málaga